"Let food be thy medicine" ~ Hippocrates

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The purpose of this web site is to collect and provide educational information related to health issues.
Of special importance is the information about health improvement and how that can relate to rejuvenation.
The body naturally rejuvenates itself by renewing it's cells.
The skin is constantly generating new skin cells and replacing the outer layer cells that flake off.
One could liken the body as a cell factory.
The concept here is that as in any factory the cell product needs raw materials for the production of cells.
Any lack of raw materials or the introduction of defective materials or hindrances to cell production will cause the halt or reduction of production or defective products. Here is where it is important to learn about the effects of Antioxidants and free radicals.

It would therefore be logical to try to eliminate toxic foods and materials from the body and environment and to increase natural non-toxic foods in the nutrition.
While there is a natural aging factor due to genetics there could also be ways to slow down some natural aging and also allow the body to heal and rejuvenate itself naturally if there have been toxic materials involved and/or improper nutrition.
"Aging is an accumulation of damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs. If any of that damage can be repaired, the result is rejuvenation." [5]

By correctly educating oneself and using information about health one can develop ones own health therapy that works best for one's self.

Norman W. Walker's research showed it was possible in some cases to allow the body to heal itself. He advocated a diet based solely on raw and fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and wrote a book about becoming younger titled: Become Younger

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
- Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel Prize 1921

Hopefully this information will inspire some people to get better health.

In Western culture, the term alternative medicine refers to any healing practice "that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine". In practice, alternative medicine encompasses therapies with a historical or cultural, rather than a scientific, basis. Commonly cited examples include naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Unani, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, and diet-based therapies, in addition to a range of other practices. [1]

Holistic health is a philosophy of medical care that views physical and mental and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and equally important approaches to treatment. While frequently associated with alternative medicine, it may also be used in medical practice as part of a broad view of patient care.[2]

Naturopathy (also known as naturopathic medicine or natural medicine) is an eclectic alternative medical system that focuses on natural remedies and the body's vital ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopathic philosophy favors a holistic approach and minimal use of surgery and drugs. Naturopathy comprises many different treatment modalities of varying degrees of acceptance by the medical community; diet and lifestyle advice may be substantially similar to that offered by non-naturopaths, and acupuncture may help reduce pain in some cases.[3]

Orthopathy Orthopathy (from the Greek ortho- right- + pathos suffering,) or Natural Hygiene (NH) is an alternative medical philosophy and practice originating from the Nature Cure movement. NH includes the idea of vitalism and considers self-healing the only cure for disease: it favours fasting and other lifestyle measures as restorative, and dietary and other lifestyle measures as preventative. The suggestion that medical fasting can improve health and eliminate a variety of diseases is controversial. [4]

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"Millions of Americans are committing slow suicide with their unhealthy, inactive lifestyle; heavy meat eating, high sugar and fat diets; plus smoking, drinking alcohol and doing drugs - all this damages their organs and the inside of their arteries, adding graver health problems to their lives!" - Patricia Bragg, N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor), Ph.D. Health Crusader & Lifestyle Educator. (

”Let food be thy medicine” ~ Hippocrates

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