"Let food be thy medicine" ~ Hippocrates

More familiar as a vegetable than as a medecine, celery stems and seeds have long been used for urinary, rheumatic and arthritic problems.

Celery is one of the oldest vegetables ever used in recorded history. The ancient Egyptians were known to gather wild celery from marshy seaside areas for food. The leaves and dried seeds make good seasoning. The outer ribs are best cooked and the inner ribs may be consumed raw as they are good for the heart.

The seeds and the stalks of celery both contain a sedative compound called "phtalide"" In mainland China, celery juice was useful in reducing hypertension in 14 out of 16 patients. The juice was mixed with equal amounts of honey and about 8 tsp. was taken orally three times each day for up to a week. Make your own celery juice at home with a juicer or buy it fresh from a health food store. Mix equal parts of it and carrot juice together and drink an 8 oz. glass once a day to help strengthen frayed nerves and calm you down. Celery and organic carrot juice make a nutritious, cleansing drink that is good for many chronic illnesses.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Urinary antiseptic.

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